Boston Scientific – PM , ICD, EP ,  LAAC

Circa Scientific – Hot & Cold Esophageal Temperature Monitoring

Catheter Precision – Pre-procedure Arrhythmia Localization

Zoll – Lifevest – Providing Peace of Mind and Lifesaving Therapy

Eurosets – Orthopaedics, Cardiac Surgery

Integral Process – IP-Set pre-wired electrodes – High signal/noise ratio for Brugrada sindrome ablation

Lipogems – single-use kit for the lipoaspiration, processing and deployment of adipose tissue.

Occlutech – PFO/ASD occluder system

Pressure Products – SafeSept Transseptal Guidewire

Pearmine Health – Dymacare wet wipes, personal hygene and infection control consumables

Quail Digital – Healthcare Headset System improves the clarity and accuracy of clinical communications

Reddyportoral access for better non-invasive ventilation care without interrupting patient therapy

Stereotaxis – Robotic Magnetic Navigation

TPA – Air Filtration Technology – Proven COVID19 Killer

SSCB – Store your own regenerative stem cells from adipose tissue

Zamar – Post ICD/PM posti implant wound cooling therapy for fast patient recovery